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Learn the technical and business skills to be successful.

Tricoci University offers a range of programs to help build your future as a cosmetologist, esthetician, barber, or nail technician. We go beyond the required technical skills and help equip you with the industry and business knowledge you may need to thrive in your beauty career after graduation.

Tricoci students can leave with much more than a certification. They can leave with the confidence to forge their own path and leave their unique mark on the beauty industry.

Wondering what to expect?
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What Is Cosmetology School Like at Tricoci?

Founded by innovative beauty industry leader Mario Tricoci, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture provides a thorough, interactive, and experiential cosmetology education unlike any other.

Our curriculum is designed to develop students’ skills and education with demonstrations and hands-on training, to meet a range of learning styles. Powerful partnerships with industry leaders like Dermalogica®, Sugarlash PRO® and Reuzel® enhance the curriculum and expand career opportunities after graduation, setting you up for real-world success.

Cosmetology School Campus Locations

If you’re considering cosmetology school in IllinoisIndiana, or Wisconsin, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture has the programming and industry know-how you may need to help achieve your dream career in the beauty industry!

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What Supplies Do You Need for Cosmetology School

All incoming students at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture work alongside their admissions advisors to secure their program kit containing trade tools and almost everything you need to start your career in cosmetology.

Learn the Business Side of a Career in Beauty

The Prosper U® training program combines traditional methods, engaging content, real world application and technology to guide you toward industry success and help you navigate the beauty industry. You’ll also have access to the Beauty as a Business® curriculum, designed to help you successfully market yourself as an exceptional beauty professional.

Opportunities After Cosmetology School at Tricoci

The future is what you make it. Beauty school can open the door to a range of career opportunities so whether you’re pursuing our Cosmetology Program, Esthetician Program or Barber Program, you can decide what’s next. As you explore your post-graduation choices, we’re here to help with connections and opportunities that help you find your next steps.

Financial Assistance

Over $1.3 Million in Grants and Scholarships Given Last Year

We know an education is an investment. And we believe our program combined with your passions provide an incredible return on that investment. But we understand making this kind of investment isn’t always easy, so we provide you with support to find how you can make your training affordable. Our Financial Aid professionals work with you to help you identify opportunities for financial assistance, and can also help you create a plan to simplify remaining payments.

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Get the Guide

Get the Guide to Choosing a Cosmetology Program

Every cosmetology school is unique, but we understand you want to choose the best to prepare you for a successful career. Our free guide can help break down what you should look for in a program, which questions to ask before you enroll, and what to expect as you start cosmetology school.

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Learn the Trends

Gain On-Trend Skills Clients Are Looking For

At Tricoci, we understand that the beauty industry is ever-evolving. That’s why our curriculum goes beyond the basics, focusing on the latest high demand trends and techniques. From cutting-edge hair styling skills with partners like Reuzel®, to Brow and Lash certifications with Sugarlash PRO®, we help equip students with the expertise to offer the services that today’s customers are searching for.

Sustainability Meets Style at Tricoci

From managing salon waste through our partnership with Green Circle Salons® to ethically and sustainably-made snap caps from Pivot Point®, we’re dedicated to finding innovative ways to minimize environmental impact without compromising on quality or style.


How long is cosmetology school?>

Hours required to receive a certification in cosmetology vary from program to program, but typically fall within the 1,500 hour range for IL and IN and 1,550 for Wisconsin.

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How much does cosmetology school cost?>

The cost of cosmetology school will vary depending on the program you choose and the financial aid you may qualify for. It may also depend on whether you have any prior education or training that is available to transfer in. Each school is different. To get the best estimate of your cost to attend school, talk with the financial aid department at the schools you’re considering.

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What is cosmetology school?>

Cosmetology school is a form of trade school where students learn the skills needed to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

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What do you learn in cosmetology school?>

Depending on your specialization, you will learn a variety of skills and techniques pertaining to hair color, hair styling, skincare and esthetician work, barbering, or manicuring. Read our blog for more details on the specifics of each course.

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Which states allow online cosmetology school?>

Typically, cosmetology school requires a certain number of in-person training hours to consider a program complete. Tricoci University schools in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin only offer in-person training.

How much does financial aid cover for cosmetology school?>

Each individual’s financial situation is unique, and there are various types of aid available. The amount of your educational costs covered by financial aid varies from student to student. The best way to determine what aid you are eligible for and how it will affect the costs of your program is to work directly with the financial aid team at your preferred cosmetology school.

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Can you attend cosmetology school while you are still in High School?>

No. To enroll in cosmetology school, you need a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

What supplies do you need?>

All incoming students at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture work alongside their admissions advisors to secure their program kit containing trade tools and almost everything you need to start your career in cosmetology.

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